5 Sessions á 90 Min

Die Kunst des Loslassens                           ist ein Teil der Kunst des Lebens

Ein Kursformat für Alle, die Lust auf einen schönen Abend-Ausklang haben.

Ein Remix der klassischen Yin-Yogastunde mit sanfter Musik. 


the workshop

Erlebe Intensität in einem             Kontrastprogramm

Im 3-stündigen Kontrastprogramm geht in diesem Workshop Yoga mit dem HIIT, Hochintensives Intervalltraining, Hand in Hand. 


10 Sessions á 45 Min

Yoga am Morgen                                    gibt Dir richtig Power!

Eine perfekte Good Morning Yoga Kombination um Deinen Körper aufzuwecken und deine Energien fließen zu lassen. 



y.o.g.a.d.a.i.l.y._ m.y.p.r.o.j.e.c.t._d.a.y.1.2.0.

I’ll never be a one-yoga woman. 

For several years I was exclusive with Bikram Yoga, but then I started flirting with other styles. I found myself attracted to vinyasa, lured by its playful creativity. Then I did a vinyasa flow yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, and my eyes opened to a whole new world of yoga and an understanding of yoga. Next i noticed yin yoga beckoning me over; it seemed intriguing, and like a nice way to balance my usual "yang" practice. I fall in love with acrobatic yoga.I got a growing affinity for Kundalini yoga... To list everything seems like it would take a lot of time:). After all, I love what each offers and i love to mix it. Many things that we pick up from one style can be helpful in another.


A solid grounding in one type of yoga is important for getting a good grasp of the basics, an introduction to the eight limbs of Yoga, and an appreciation of the body’s quirks, imbalances, and areas in need of special attention - to become very aware of the deeper benefits of yoga as a whole. Benefits like a quieter and more disciplined mind, improved sleep, the ability to access one’s own intuition, and the ability to take a moment’s pause before reacting. And once we reach that stage and feel confident in our practice, I think there's something to be said for exploring different styles. Why not?:) 


Let`s Rock n Roll your Body & Mind! 

And Don't Forget to Breathe;)


Photo: MY


Inspiration: by Backy Peel

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Last weekend i visited Irma Bartsch - a friend, great person, expert & my personal Chakras System guru:). I am very grateful to Irma for sharing her knowledge & experience with me, her true passion for Chakras & for a lot of new inspirations i would like to share also with you.


Chakras are the energy centers of your body. In the graphic in attachment you can see where are the main of it.

With a simple exercise, the chanting of Bija Mantras of the respective chakras, you can activate and bring your energy centers into harmony.


Bija Mantras work through their sound vibration on your body. If you'll feel exactly into it while singing, you can feel the vibration of the sound at the location of each chakra in your body.  Start from the bottom at your Muladhara Chakra (chakra) and work up as follows:


Muladhara - Chakra: LAM

Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra: VAM

Manipura - navel chakra: RAM

Anahata - Heart Chakra: YAM

Vishuddha / Vishuddhi - throat chakra: HAM

Ajna - brow chakra - OM

Sahasrara - crown chakra - Silence


Please be free and use the audio file „Bija Mantra“. You can repeat it so often you need to glide you in a meditative state.

Then feel a few minutes in silence...


Om Shanti


Source: Sadagati Yoga


Let`s Rock n Roll your Body & Mind! 

And Don't Forget to Breathe;)

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Meditating helps to cultivate awareness of our own patterns, to change our world-view and to get rid of stereotypes and patterns of the world. The following is a very simple meditation technique you can learn in five minutes.


Make yourself comfortable, sitting upright, with a straight spine. With your eyes closed, look at the point midway between the eyebrows on your forehead. Inhale slowly, counting to eight. Hold the breath for the same eight counts while concentrating your attention at the point between the eyebrows. Now exhale slowly to the same count of eight. Repeat three to six times.


After inhaling and exhaling completely, as the next breath comes in, mentally say Hong. Then, as you exhale, mentally say Sau. Hong-Sau means  “I am Spirit”. Make no attempt to control your breathing, just let its flow be completely natural. Try to feel that your breath itself is silently making the sounds of Hong and Sau. Initially try to feel the breath at the point where it enters the nostrils.


Be as attentive as possible. If you have difficulty feeling the breath, you can concentrate, for a while, on the breathing process itself, feeling your diaphragm and chest expanding and contracting.


Gradually as you become more calm, try to feel the breath higher and higher in the nose. Be sure that your gaze is kept steady at the point between the eyebrows throughout your practice. Don’t allow your eyes to follow the movement of the breath. If you find that your mind has wandered, simply bring it back to an awareness of the breath and the mantra. 


Photo: Myart, Tibidabo 



As Taught by Paramhansa Yogananda


Let`s Rock n Roll your Body & Mind! 

And Don't Forget to Breathe;)


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n.a.t.u.r.e.m.e.d.i.t.a.t.i.o.n_for_c.r.e.a.t.i.v.i.t.y_ p.o.w.e.p.l.a.c.e_n.a.t.u.r.e.m.e.d.i.t.a.t.i.o.n.3_e.y.e.s.o.p.e.n.e

Basic Nature Meditation 3. 

This meditation can be done while sitting, standing or walking. Time spent in nature can always be a form of meditation when we put our full attention on what is around us — the earth, trees, flowers, animals, fresh air, the breeze…


To intensify this experience, allow yourself to experience the sights, sounds and smells without labeling them and becoming mentally involved with them. Notice the tendency of the mind to name and evaluate everything.


Experience everything with an open awareness, as if you’d never experienced anything like it before. As always, when the mind wanders and becomes caught up in thought, simply bring it back to the experience of nature.


Photo: MY

Source: *Meditation Oasis*


Let`s Rock n Roll your Body & Mind! 

And Don't Forget to Breathe;)


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One day, the rich man seeing the poor man handed him the basket. The basket filled with garbage. Poor man took the basket and went. Next day, he found a poor man at his door. The poor man gave him his basket filled with flowers. *Why are you giving me flowers when I gave you garbage?*, asked the rich man. The poor man said: *each gives the other what have in the heart*.

- Author Unknown.


Let`s Rock n Roll your Body & Mind! 

And Don't Forget to Breathe;)


Photo: My Art, *Lichtkind*

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