About Me

Moin and Namaste, my name is Tatsiana Toumel. I am the founder of MY, Matryoshka Yoga, artist, author, engineer, yoga charya with base in Hamburg.



Who am I?

"Our Heads Are Round, so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction"


I am a human. Human stands as a symbol for the earth, the earth for the solar system, the solar system for the galaxy and so on. This means that something points to the existence of something else. So every single one of us stands as a symbol for all people.


"If I am I, because I am I, and you are you, because you are you, then I am me and you are you ...


" Some reduce this to: "Be yourself".

But it's bigger than that.

We move us in relation to each other.


It is impossible for me to define myself without involving you in the equation. Whether we have come close together for a short moment or have a long-term relationship.


What I am is who you are.

We are not separated.

We define each other.

We are interdependent systems.


Who am I? I am I because you are you!

I come from a creative family. My father, engineer and journalist, taught me the love to mathematic and that creativity in mathematic is not only possible, but even essential. My mother, designer, painted fantastically and taught me the arts and crafts and art history.


Art was always around me and therefore never considered by me as a career goal. After I finished high school I chose an engineering degree, construction. I wanted to build bridges to connect people with each other. With a good diploma in my pocket, I had the best perspectives in the world of work after my studies and worked in project management for more than 20 years.


At some point, after many years, it became clear to me: this work does not fill me anymore. In January 2014, I moved to Chang Mai, Northern Thailand. In this time i hosted by a traditional Thai family. Insights into the Buddhist tradition sparked my growing interest in Far Eastern culture and philosophy. This interest took me further to Nepal, to the Himalaya Mountains and from there to India, Rishikesh, to the Vinyasa Yoga Ashram. Back in Hamburg I quit my old job and reopened myself to the future. 


"To the Point"

An intro to the short portrait / Reportage about Tatsiana Toumel,

by Katrin Brinkmann / camera Stef Rossi / sound Christine Rohland.

The original  reportage can be found in NDR Mediathek. 


My life with art in yoga

 Yoga means connection and I no longer have to build bridges to connect the people.


In recent years, I have taught in Germany and abroad as a yoga teacher and as an independent lecturer for TYM, Yoga Therapy and YTT. I gained my experience in international yoga schools and retreats in all departments to create to create MY own yoga retreats. I love to experiment with the environment and being in search of special energy power places around the world, suitable to the topics of MY creative yoga retreats.


I create also my own MY Methodik  and give awareness and personality enhancing workshops and seminars in Hamburg and internationally and offer private coaching. Once a week I give yoga lessons for large groups in Hamburg, my karma yoga;), and once a week I teach my own Matryoshka Yoga classes for a maximum of 5 participants in my art studio. All of my knowledge in art, yoga, and contemporary awareness-raising practices flows together in MY yoga sessions. There we connect us to be a real YOGA.


My living art  studio is my creative space, where most of my works and ideas spring from. As a freelance artist, I take part in various art projects, private and public competitions, group and personal exhibitions, last one in Hamburg in 2018.


I am constantly developing myself as a personality with a maximal speed i can;) and like to share my knowledge and experience with you! I like the fact that I can make people's lives happier, more qualitative, more diverse, colorful and better. 



Exhibitions / Installations / Art Projects

- Group-Exhibition "Zugvogel", "Grüne Salon", Hamburg

- Upcycling Installation "Plastic Fantastic", Dahab, Süd Sinai

- "AI. Artificial Intelligence". Artprojekt with a Actiongroup  Lomo, Hamburg

- Artprojekt "Non Verbal", Hamburg

- Group-Exhibition, Galery"Abbruchgalerie", Hamburg  

Group-Exhibition,  Galery "Schichwechsel", Hamburg 

- Personal-Exhibition, Painting, Licht-und Sound Installation, Galery "Schichwechsel", Hamburg  

- Member of international Artist Group PATT, HH

- Publikation in Affordable Art, Wien

Neurographiy Practioner  by Olga Nurzhanova, Valencia, 2019. Certifikat.

- Neurographie Specialist by Pr. Dr. Pavel Piskarjov, Moskau, 2020

- From 2019 enrolledat the Schechen Art Institute (Tanghka Painting, Vajrayana Bddhism Philosophy & Practice) in Kathmandu, Nepal, and spent 6 months a year there. 


Education / Training / Certificates / Publications

- Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga Teacher (International Yoga Alliance), Rishikesh 200 RYT

- Tok Sen, Chiang Mai

Reiki Praktitioner, Chiang Mai

- Yoga Therapie & Ayurveda, Weiterbildung, Rishikesh, 

- Thai Yoga Massage, I, II, III, Chiang Mai 

- Faszial Yoga, Immersion, Hamburg

- Yin Yoga, Immersion, Frankfurt

- Kinder Yoga, Education, Bad Meinberg

- Meditation

- Biopsychology of Yoga

- Different live Seminars, Courses and Praxis to Development of Consciousness and Personal Strength, quantum way of knowledge for business and private

- Publications. "Fine Art of Thai Yoga Massage". 2016

- 200 E-RYT & YASEP Qualifikation by international Yoga Alliance. 2019

- 500 E-RYT 500. Yoga Pur, Gran Canaria by Hari Anand, 2019

- 2019 enrolled from at the Schechen Art Institute (Tanghka Painting, Vajrayana Bddhism Philosophy & Practice) in Kathmandu, Nepal, and spent 6 months a year there. 

- From 2020 in Dahab Sinai: private Yoga, YTT, workshops, Retreats, TYM , Art , Tattoo Art & more



I was born in 1967, Dezember 1st,  in Minsk, Belarus.

My life so far essentially includes the following stations:

* 1983 Music school graduation

* 1984 High School graduatin (Mathematics, English)

* 1990 Diploma in construction economics engineer. Faculty bridge and tunnel construction; 

Work while studying: Cinema posterand portrait painter, stewardess, technical drawer

* 1990 – 1992 Work as an engineer at the Architectural Academy of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus

* 1992 Move to Berlin

Work in sales, marketing and event marketing, print and web design, project management in various technical companies

* 2001 Move to HH; Project collaboration in an international corporation, print and web design, packaging and graphic design

* 2004 End of contract;

* 2004-2007 Contract as freelance graphic designer for continuing projects. Freelance artist

* 2007 End of contract. Sabbaticum in Dahab, South SinaI; Dive Master and free Artist

* 2008 Back to HH with the wish technical to unite my knowledge from my learned profession as engineer with my work and life experiences: construction/site and project management for interior design and shopfitting

* 2014 The realization that this work does not suit me;

Phase of reorientation, stay in Northern Thailand, Nepal and India.

Foundation of Matryoshka Yoga

* 2015 until now

Freelance artist, yoga teacher and lecturer TYM, YT, YTT, participation in international retreats

Organization, creation and management of own yoga retreats, creative workshops and seminars.

Student at Schechen Art & Buddhism Philosophie Institut