Yoga is independent from place & time. Nevertheless, I like to experiment with environment and searching of special energy places - suitable to the topics of MY creative yoga retreats - where our experiences of personal power can be deepened.




Recreation comes from the Latin - recreatio - and means  a set of recreational activities that are undertaken to restore the normal well-being and performance of a healthy but tired person.


MY© RECREATION RETREATS are interactive seminars, in the context of a yoga retreat - the introduction to the basic knowledge of the MY© methodology, holistic and comprehensive knowledge transfer to the 'Art of' Yoga ', whereby eastern and western theory and practice komm together and leading to the realisation and growth of personal power on the physical, mental and energy levels.


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MY RECREATION RETREAT in Dahab am Roten Meer. Yoga und Natur. Termine 2021: coming soon

8  Days/ 7 Nights.  Arrival on Friday, Departure on Friday. Yoga Retreat/Seminar, Villa directly on the Beach, all rooms with a Seaview, incl.  all trips  + airport-transfer to Dahab/Ägypten/Süd Sinai, max. 10-12 guests 


1.250,00 €


Yoga and Nature. Experience of the 5 Elements of Nature 

at the Red Sea, in Dahab, South Sinai



 With this holistic and creative yoga retreat, we create space in which we reconnect with nature


At the 5 Days of our Retreat, we practice yoga in the sense 5 Elemente der Natur

and shift our focus

from Thinking to Feeling

and from the Head to the Heart and our Senses



Recreation in Dahab? # Why not! Dahab is just a perfect place for it!! Dahab means "gold" and is worth gold. I have lived there for a while and I can say that this place slows you down and distills the reduction to the essentials of life, making it 100% satisfied.


Dahab is a bedouin-shaped and manageable place, beautifully situated on the Gulf of Aqaba. In the background are the mountains of South Sinai. And above that the sky almost always shines blue.


Dahab is an excellent place for yoga in nature in this enchanting desert landscape by the sea, where in November and early December there is still a pleasant air and water temperature. Here we can immerse ourselves in all 5 elements of nature:

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Spirit).


Dahab allows us to practice yoga alternately in various fascinating natural settings, each of them representing an "element of the day". We will connect with every element of nature and make us part of this nature. For this we visit the Moses mountain, the Red Sea, oases and other power and spiritual places. And as a highlight, we will spend the night in the "More than one Billion Stars" hotel and live, hike and meditate in the desert.



Our Yoga Practice in this retreat becomes contemporary, for the modern human of today:

energetic in the morning and relaxing in the evening, 90 min. yoga sessions, holistic and suitable for all levels of yoga.

Meditation and pranayama are of course part of it.


Important: In this retreat nobody is over-or under-challenged in yoga. With intuition and sensitivity for individual needs and differences of the participants, we will create a very supportive and pleasant learning environment to deepen your practice with us, to experience limits and learn a lot of new things.


Last but not least, a healthy diet is part of our Retreat.


In addition to the versatile yoga program, there is enough time for other Activities such as Diving, Climbing, Kiting, Freediving, Massages or strolling on the beach promenade in the colorful life, etc., and of course for the neat doing nothing like watching the spectacular sunrises over the mountains of Saudi Arabia , directly vis-a-vis our domicile, the "White House". Here the Red Sea rushes right on our doorstep, and the colorful coral reefs, with their fish, laugh at you through the crystal-clear water.



So we will come back from "MAKE" to "BEING"

Recreation in Dahab? # why not!



The price for the 7-day Yoga Retreat / Seminar includes: 


- Yoga seminar and course costs

- First Yoga Session at Saturday night x 1

- On 5 days and as part of the yoga seminar 2 times a day x Yoga sessions 60-90 min

- On departure day 1 x morning Yoga Session - 2-day desert safari with Sinai Safari, overnight in the desert

- Snorkel, "freeswimming" tour with professional instructor. Snorkel equipment , diving suites for the day


- Accommodation in the Villa White House, which is available to us alone or in an apartment the neigbourhood.

- Wellcome Dinner in Wadi

- Delicious Bedouin cuisine in the desert camp

- Local Lunch by the trip to Mount Moses 

- Airport transfer


We love surprises and we love gifting our guests - people we love and estimate.

"Gifts are emotions to touch" and that's why we give you something special ...

PSSSTTT .. That should be surprising!;) ...


They are not included in the price:

- Flight (You can find flight connections by scrolling down, heading Arrival / Flight)

- Visa (only if you stay more then 14 days in South Sinai, 25 EUR, valid for 4 weeks and available at Sharm El Sheikh airport)

- Food (except in the desert camp or during the trip to mount Moses).


- Tips on the spot. 




- TOP care before and during the retreat

- 10 yoga sessions, morning and evening, each for 60 - 90 minutes,

in nature and in the sense of the 5 elements of nature, holistic and contemporary, suitable for all yoga levels


- Guided snorkeling, free swimming tour

- 2-day desert safari with overnight in the desert

- Excursion to Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain)


- You are living in a private villa or in an apartment-villa on the beach.

The Red Sea on your doorstep, with Swimming, Snorkeling, Surfing, Kiting


- Minimum 5, maximum 12 participants




Why a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat gives you more time for reflection and creativity when you withdraw from everyday life. In combination with a yogic-vegetarian diet, mind and body became to feel easier. Stress drops and you can sleep well. Breathing exercises and yoga postures help with detoxification so you can shine with energy and vitality at the end of the week. Fresh air and sunlight help fill the cells with fresh oxygen and vitamin D.




tatsiana toumel matryoshkayoga flowyoga yogakurse yoga-art yoga_kunst tatiana-toumel-yoga



Yoga / Seminar-Leader, contact person

and the person for all case;)


Moin and Namaste, my name is Tatsiana Toumel. I am the founder of MY, Matryoshka Yoga, with a soul from Hamburg and still Dahabibian in heart;). I would like to show you Dahab at its best. Dahab will also touch your heart and the 5 element yoga in nature will transform you.





I am constantly developing myself as a personality and like to share my knowledge and experience with you! I like the fact that I can make people's lives happier, more qualitative, more diverse, colorful and better.


More information about Tatsiana Toumel can be found here:



Excursion program and MY partner on site,

wonderful, very professional and inspirational people from Dahab, Dahabibians;),

which I all known personally.



.. as well as freediver Andreas Peper. With Andreas we would experience and discover together the Element of Water.


tatsiana toumel matryoshkayoga flowyoga yogakurse yoga-art yoga_kunst tatiana-toumel-yoga-retreat-Dahab Anja-makulik



Being-in-Water with Andreas Peper 


Hello, my name is Andreas Peper. I live in Dahab for 8 years and have been offering private lessons for swimming and freediving for 5 years. It always comes first to the Feeling of Being-in-Water.




The emphasis on feeling allows for the essentials of swimming in the sea, namely, the bond with oneself and the environment. And this attachment is also the prerequisite for a dip in serenity. This type of immersion I call Freediving. I have developed a method that allows you to re-learn swimming - swimming as a free float on the surface and below.


Whoever wants to get the feeling of being in the water during the retreat and wants to enjoy the clear waters of the Red Sea and its underwater wonders, is cordially invited to an individual lesson with Andreas.


You can find more information about Andreas Peper here:



..... with Maruan El Tour from Sinai Safari we dive into our 2-day Desert Adventure. I have known Maruan for over 10 years, since my long stay in Dahab. Maruan and his crew love the desert and I can not imagine better guides for our Desert Safari.


tatsiana toumel matryoshkayoga flowyoga yogakurse yoga-art yoga_kunst tatiana-toumel-yoga retreat Maruan_sinai_safari




 Wüsten Safari mit Maruan El Tour von Sinai Safari


Salam, mein Name ist Maruan El Tour, ich bin Egypter und Engländer und habe zusammen mit Salah Abu Musa vom Ghawanma Beduinen Klan (Muzeina tribe) gegründet Sinai Safari. 







Sinai Safari has over 15 years of experience in organizing authentic Bedouin desert tours. It is a Bedouin-owned association, which is run by the local Bedouins tribe. Sinai Safari offers a complete and unique desert experience with exclusive programs. Sinai Safari is perfect for yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and meditation groups because remote desert locations are ideal for these practices.


" Overnight in the "More than Billion Star Hotel", the food in the desert - a special & unforgettable experience!


Everybody needs now and then a little bit of desert .


More information about Sinai Safari and Maruan can be found at:



Excursion to Mount Sinai and Monastery of St. Kathrin 

In the footsteps of spirituality with nature.


Mount Sinai, also known as Moses Mountain, is a "must see" when you're in the area. That why this excursion is a beloved one. Most of visitors come for the sunrise, we will set off for the sunset on the way of Moses and immerse ourselves in the sensual charms of the breathtaking beauty of nature. This trip enchants everyone and will be unforgettable: I will say so - it will be a transmission ride :-) The ascent (2,285 m) is a long, but still accessible to everyone. Step by step you will get closer to the majestic sublime view over the summits of Sinai. The sky is turning blue, shimmering in all shades of orange and red, until the star tent unfolds over you.


At the top of happiness, one can  into the seemingly endless infinity of our universe and feel the energy of our enchanting nature manifest in us: Sun, Moon and Stars above the peaks of historic Sinai and Us in the middle of it :-)


Our accommodation. 

Welcome to Villa Whitehouse ... your home for the perfect holiday.


Whitehouse Dahab is one of Dahab's most beautiful holiday houses. The villa, build in Nubian style, is located directly on the sea, offers 180m² living space and delights with oriental dome roofs, sea view, arcade veranda and 300m² garden. There are plenty of cozy areas, both indoors and outdoors, such of them as the large veranda, or the sea view balcony and the roof terrace. In addition to the enchanting architecture, which is reminiscent of a fairy tale from 1001 Nights, inspire the up to 6 m large dome roofs, with blue glass inserts. And the beautiful views of the Gulf of Aqaba with the mountain silhouette of Saudi Arabia, with good visibility, are also among to the highlights of it.


The house is privately owned by Axel Hinze, a great person who also supports us with words and deeds. 


The kitchen, integrated in the living area, is spacious and well equipped. In addition to a cozy sitting area for dining, there is also a bar / breakfast bar, from which you can also enjoy the sea view. Here we would meet for tea and to discuss our daily plans. At the northern end of the living room is an open fireplace and next to it a small sheltered terrace.


Neighboring villa Eel Garden has several separate apartments, is planned by the same architect and in the same style as the main villa White House and is also available to us.




- Free use of the washing machine

- Air conditioning & Wi-Fi

- Towels, sheets and blankets are provided



Here you will find more Information and photos to Villa White House 


matryoshka tatsiana toumel matryoshkayoga yogaretreat dahab whitehouse yogakurse yoga_art yoga_kunst tatisana_toumel_yoga tatsiana_toumel_kunst_hamburg yoga_workshops



After the morning and evening yoga we will have a short walk on the beach to one or other from a lot of beach restaurants. 



In Dahab you can find everything for you gastronomic test and habits - 

Oriental und experimental vegan kitchen, of course egyptian and bedouin food, russian, indian, korean, etc -

all this for very reasonable preis!


In the desert we will enjoy the delicious, vegetarian and authentic Bedouinen food, self-backing bread and much more.

In our trip to Mount Sinai we will have a vegetarian, simple and delicious meal at local restaurant.


Let us surprised you!;)



Climate. End of November / beginning of December/March

The average air temperature at the end of November, the beginning of December an of March is about 27 C° at day and 15 C° at night. Water temperature is about 23 C° on average. Rainfall is so rare that we can expect to get enough sun each day.


The wind blows in Dahab mostly from the north, that’s why it can be a bit fresh in the evening in this time and I will recommend you pack some warm clothing. This also applies to our desert trip.


 If you have your own snorkeling equipment, I will recommend to take it with you, as well a shorty.



Yoga Retreat in Dahab, South Sinai - Concerns & Culture Shock?

"Fish do not know what water is." For aquatic animals, water is just natural. We humans are cultural animals. Culture surrounds us at all times, like water surrounds the fish. But we do not know what our culture is. For this we have to leave our cultural space. Of course you can travel to southern Europe as a Central European. The small cultural differences, however, make for amusement rather than enlightenment. South Sinai, on the other hand, is for some culture shocks, but without fundamentally different from our culture. Bedouins have similar or understandable desires and goals and the same consumer goods. And also everything is very different - you will looking in vain for Bedouin wealth. Nevertheless, they live their lives and do smile very often. Joie de vivre and acceptance is for me the most important lesson that South Sinai has to offer.



You are generally still have some doubts according to traveling to South Sinai because the media? "Our head is round and the thoughts can change the direction" - in the South Sinai it is calm and peaceful! The west european media usually report about the North Sinai, and it is unfortunately not distinguished in the reports between the north and the south of the Sinai. The Egyptian authorities have not allowed tourists to enter northern Sinai for a long time.



In the south, on the way from Sharm el Sheikh airport to Dahab, it is very quiet and safe. The St. Catherine's Monastery Area is also welcome to be visited.



Dahab itself is a charming sociable place, an idyllic and very relaxed resort. The "laid back" influence of old hippie days, and the peaceful and friendly atmosphere can still be experienced today. I recently traveled to Dahab to personally organize and review everything for you in this retreat. In my estimation, one can make great and safe holidays in South Sinai.


Recreation in Dahab - see and discover! Throw all doubting thoughts overboard and jump into our shared experience.

Just let yourself drift and be completely there for you.





Arrival / Flights

A passport should be valid for at least 6 months. If you decided to come early or to stay in Dahab a few days after our retreat.

At lest if you ll decide to stay there more than 14 days, you’ll need a visa for Egypt, which you can buy at entry for 25 euros, or online:



Swap some pocket money when you buying a visa, because in Egypt you pay with the Egyptian pound. But, don’t worry, the exchange rate is the same everywhere and Dahab has enough ATMs and also banks. Man can also pay with Euros, but for the little things a few Egyptian pounds are recommended.


After landing, passport control and baggage claim, you will be picked up in front of the arrival building by a driver who will take you by taxi to Dahab to our domicile. The drive, through the breathtaking mountain landscape to Dahab, takes about 1 hour and is included in the retreat price.


Recommended flights from all European capitals daily:

- Change (about 2 hours changeover time) in Cairo with

- Change (approx. 1-4 hours transfer time) in Istanbul with


Alternative for the search:




We are looking forward to your coming and sharing with you an unforgettable yoga experience!


Tatsiana Toumel  from Matryoshka Yoga, MY/ Hamburg

Andreas Peper/ Dahab, South Sinai

Maruan El Tour and Sinai Safari/ Dahab

Axel HInze from White House/Dahab


If you have any questions to MY Recreation in Dahab,

Please don’t hesitate & contact Tatsiana Toumel from MY

+49 177 237 81 63



Feedback our guests

Heike L. aus Köln 

verreist mit MY im Nov 2018


Ich mache Yoga seit 32 Jahren und dies war nun meine zweite Yogareise. Da ich Tatsiana schon ein paar Jahre kenne, war für mich klar, dass ich bei Ihrer ersten Yogareise mit dabei sein will. Und die Reise hat sich für mich wirklich gelohnt.

2 x täglich Yoga, welches wirklich sehr abwechslungsreich war mit vielen unterschiedlichen Yogaarten.


Tatsiana erklärt sehr gut die einzelnen Asanas und gibt ebenfalls gerne Hilfestellung, wenn es mal nicht so gut klappt. Es war teilweise anstrengend, aber es hat großen Spaß gemacht. Am Morgen nach dem Yoga gab es immer ein phantastisches, reichhaltiges, vegetarisches Frühstück mit frischem Obst und Gemüse.


Die Tage waren ausgefüllt mit Yoga im Wadi zum Sonnenuntergang und Lagerfeuer, Tagesausflug zum Moses Berg, 2 wundervolle Tage in Stille der Wüste mit leckerem Essen der Beduinen, Schlafen unter dem 1000000 Sterne Himmel und einer Schnorcheltour im roten Meer. Die Tage vergingen wie im Flug und ich bin sehr dankbar für diese wunderbare und abwechslungsreiche Reise.


Danke Tatsiana, es war große Klasse mit Dir!

Rolf S. & Bettina L. aus der Schweiz

verreist mit MY im Nov 2018


Hoi Tatsiana, herzlichen Dank für abwechslungsreiche und umfassende Yogalektionen in toller Umgebung, Super Unterkunft und Top Verpflegung! Ich habe mir danach eine tolle Yogamatte gekauft und bin für mich jeden Tag am Yoga machen und demnächst gehen wir in einer Yogaklasse.


Dank Dir hatten wir u.a. zwei unvergessliche Tage in der Wüste mit Salah und Ahwed. Sie beeindruckten uns sehr mit ihrem Wissen, ihrer Kompetenz und wir fühlten uns jederzeit sicher und in guten Hànden. Wir wurden vom Lagerfeuer mit feinen Mahlzeiten bekocht und kamen sogar in den Genuss von selbstgemachtem Brot, welches uns absolut begeisterte. Gut organisiert, konnten wir unter den Sternen schlafen, die Wüste erkunden und alle unsere Fragen wurden mit Kompetenz beantwortet.


Danke liebe Tatsiana nicht zuletzt für Deine Inspirationen, die tolle Zeit und viel mehr!

Wir werden Dich auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen und bleiben gerne im Kontakt!!